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Who | We Are

Law simplified is an alliance between an expert IT platform and a consortium of choicest of specialist legal firms at your disposal.

In day to day situations of life, seldom comes a scenario, where a little something more is required than a regular experience and wisdom. This little something is a guidance, a support which comes in certain critical times. The support to understand the legal intricacies of a system.

A helping hand, which walks you through the entire set of procedural anomalies, enabling you to make that final decision weather to go legal or choose the other path. We have also established strong stalemates with more than 100 law firms around the world. This network has enable us to become one of the largest and most connected solution base network in our peer group with a global reach and local depth that makes us simply unmatched.

Having said so, we are not just talking about having offices in some key cities around the world. We mean being able to pool our international resources and sector expertise to work on cross-border legal procedures directly in the markets and regions.

About | Our organization

Many people have a misleading idea of adoption. They have heard harsh stories about how newborn babies are ripped from their mother’s arms and placed with strangers. Some think, “How could you go through your life never knowing what happened to your child?”

The concept of Adoption is altogether a different story now. You have the right to select your baby’s parents, meet them and even keep in touch over the years. These changes have made the adoption option much easier to consider. During the adoption process, foster parents will undoubtedly have questions and issues that can be addressed by a compassionate legal expert who is experienced with cross border adoption process.

We are committed to providing affordable adoption consultation in the warmest and most professional fashion and to assist you in adopting a child. We know that an adoption process may be challenging, amazing, wonderful, overwhelming perhaps all at the same time. We face the challenges with fierce determination. We pride ourselves on our ability to meet the consultation need of the foster parents with compassion, integrity, professionalism, and personalized attention and care.

How | We Do It?

Our experts have earned accolades for their efforts from the clients internationally. We are focused on delivering outstanding consultation through legal expert on our panel and strive at every level to develop relationships with our clients built on trust and mutual respect.

Our experts work with qualified agencies and are very familiar with the often difficult and seemingly cumbersome procedures required for international adoptions.

So, whatever your adoption needs may be, you can be confident that our experts have the capabilities to deliver positive resolutions as quickly and successfully as possible.

Our experience and successful consultation history speak about our ability to navigate the legal barriers faced during the adoption process and additional adoption related matters.

Association | Affilation

Our legal experts include reputed law firms like Thukral Law Associates, providing experts legal service to international clients.

Our legal experts are also members of following associations :

  • American Bar Association, Chicago, USA
  • International Bar Association, London, U.K.
  • Inter-Pacific Bar Association, Japan
  • Australian & New Zealand Society of International Law
  • Canadian Council of International Law
  • AEA International Lawyers, Europe
  • Bar Council of India, New Delhi
  • Delhi High Court Bar Association, Delhi